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Piedmont Website Looking for Input

Posted by Len Gilbert on July 12, 2007

The city is looking for ideas to improve their website. Suggestions:

  • No frames!

  • City department email newsletters 

  • RSS feeds.

If you have an idea that would make the city’s web site better, send your suggestions to City Clerk Ann Swift at aswift@ci.piedmont.ca.us.


One Response to “Piedmont Website Looking for Input”

  1. drewbendon said

    These were the comments I sent to Ann:

    1. A complete public calendar of all meetings and events.

    2. Links from any agenda to any staff reports or supplemental material that goes with that agenda item.

    3. An opportunity to comment directly on an agenda item through the website (not via e-mail).

    4. The ability to see the comments of others on a specific issue. Ideally, I’d like to see a moderated public forum on significant issues.

    5. Forms for everything that we do with the city in a format that they can be filled out and submitted on-line (everything from schoolmates to building permits).

    6. A secure public safety on-line registry so that in the event of an emergency the police and fire departments can 1)know who lives in each house, 2) know if a resident has special needs (like lack of mobility), 3)have emergency contact information (so that, for example we don’t need to fill this information out constantly), etc.

    7. An opportunity for all groups in town to have links to their websites, categorized by type, e.g., sports, arts, political, schools, religious, business (perhaps a way to raise revenue), etc.

    8. Live feeds of on going meetings and real time access to make a public comment from wherever you might be.

    9. Archived footage of all public meetings (with links to the agenda and supporting documents.

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