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School Calendar Forum – New Date October 22nd, 2007

Posted by Len Gilbert on September 26, 2007

Please note that the Chair of the Calendar Committee, Briony Bax, has announced that the date and time of the School Calendar Public Forum has been changed. It will now take place on Monday, October 22nd from 7-9pm at City Hall and will be filmed live by KCOM-TV and broadcast on Comcast cable channel 27.

The event will be rebroadcast for two weeks following the event. Additionally, residents may borrow a VHS or DVD copy of the meeting from KCOM-TV after it has aired. Featured speakers will be Constance Hubbard, Superintendent of Piedmont Unified School District and Briony Bax, Chair of the Instructional Calendar Committee.

Parents are encouraged to submit any questions about the calendar and the instructional calendar development process in advance. Please e-mail all queries and concerns by Tuesday, October 16th to piedmontcalendarcommittee@yahoo.com or mail them to APCP Calendar Committee, PO Box 11139, Piedmont, CA 94611.

Please note that the purpose of this meeting is to review the Calendar Development process, the Committee’s recommendations and to hear parent input. This is not a meeting to announce the new calendar for 2008/09.

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