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Piedmont Middle School Lunch Program Serves Pop Tarts?

Posted by Len Gilbert on September 29, 2007

I ran across an article on the SF Gate about school lunch programs and the new regulations to make them healthier. Piedmont Middle School is “featured” in the story, and described as “ignoring the regulations altogether.” Apparently, PMS serves Pop Tarts alongside some pretty greasy potato chips and Sun Chips. It’s the snacks that seem to be the worst offenders, none of the regular entrees were mentioned as outside the regulations.

It also sounds as if the middle school and parents club are looking at changing the program, but aren’t there yet. If you go to the Piedmont Middle School website and read the weekly bulletin, the brunch and lunch items are listed and they don’t look out of line. The current issue also mentions the SF Gate article and that the school is in the process of examining the offerings. However, the Campus Life link has two pages on food options and prices, and even features a can of Sprite on one page (see Food Service and More About Food Service).

I don’t think an occasional Pop Tart or some chips are the worst thing in the world, but I don’t think those are choices that should be part of a school lunch program. Read the article and see what you think. At the end, it has an overview of the law and what you can do to support it. Getting involved with the school parent club is probably the best way to make change happen.

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