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Piedmont Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Posted by drewbendon on October 31, 2007

The baseline greenhouse gas report prepared for the city –GHG Report– shows that “stationary energy use by all sectors (residential, commercial and industrial activities) accounts for 49.9% of total greenhouse gas emissions in Piedmont” and that “the transportation sector is responsible for about 50% of Piedmont’s greenhouse gas emissions.” The report, however, does not address solid waste issues: “Piedmont also has recycling and composting measures in place; however, due to lack of data availability, the emissions impact of these practices is not included in this analysis.” Not surprisingly, the report notes that “the inventory also reveals the fact that in Piedmont, like most cities, the municipal government emissions represent a small percentage of community-wide emissions, in this case only 2.3%.” The announcement by the City of Berkeley that it will fund installation of solar systems should be something that Piedmont follows and adapts for its own residents. Also, Greenhouse Gas reduction should be a significant part of the discussion in the design and construction of the several large projects underway in the City (Civic Center, Hampton Field, Coaches Field) and by the School District (seismic repairs) and residential green building should be made a priority as well; with the City taking the lead in identifying opportunities for homeowners undergoing repair or expansion projects so that each homeowner doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel in order to take advantage of green-building opportunities.

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