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Mulberry’s to Open 12/8/07 now

Posted by drewbendon on November 21, 2007

Update: This week, Mulberry’s site indicates a 12/8/07 opening.

Here’s the latest from the Mulberry’s Website:

We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Our tin ceiling is gleaming, the acid-washed concrete floor is shining, and the carrera marble countertops are glistening. Now we’re just putting on the finishing touches, holding our breath while deliveries of great food and drink arrive. We’re planning to be OPEN on Saturday, December 1st, so come by for a latte, a sandwich or a milkshake and take a look around. See you at Mulberry’s!


2 Responses to “Mulberry’s to Open 12/8/07 now”

  1. Wow, this is pretty exciting. It’ll be great to have a place like Mulberry market in town.

  2. schaver65 said

    good luck, our family has missed the convience of having a market close to were we live. I hope that you will be stocking BUD LIGHT beer,we realy do not like the inported stuff.

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