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Will We Have Contested Elections?

Posted by drewbendon on November 21, 2007

UPDATE (12/6/07):  3 have pulled papers for 2 seats on the City Council and 5 for 3 seats on the School Board.  Lets hope they all run.

Perhaps one of the most disappointing aspects of Piedmont politics is how frequently we have uncontested elections. This March two seats on the City Council and three seats on the Board of Education are up for election. In both cases one incumbent is termed out, which means that each body will at least have one new member. However, at this point, to the best of my knowledge there are not more than two people running for City Council or three people running for a position on the Board of Education. We need more candidates! We need choice! If you have ever considered running for office, please do it. The deadline to file is December 7, 2007, but there are papers to fill out and signatures to obtain, so now’s the time! Of course the details and forms are not available online at the City’s website, but you can get them by calling the City Clerk (Ann Swift) at 510-420-3040 or by visiting City Hall. I’ll say it one more time for emphasis: Please!


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