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Freakonomics Hits The Half-Full Blog

Posted by drewbendon on December 18, 2007

Our friends at the Half Full blog have had a visit from Steven D. Levitt and his Freakonomics blog on the NYT website.  As is typical in the blogosphere (and I’m not immune) his comments seem only to scratch the surface of the issues raised in Half Full.  He riffs on the  blog’s ideas about raising “happy and emotionally literate kids” and doesn’t dig into the deeper concept of doing so by creating a “growth mindset” (as pointed out by Christine in her comment).  On the other hand, maybe this is just a suggestion to Half Full to re-frame its content and get back to the core discussion.  In any case, Mr. Levitt has some interesting comments to his thoughts.  I especially enjoy the one from the Dave Grohl aficionado.

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