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Don’t Take The Bait Ryan

Posted by drewbendon on February 7, 2008

Gray Cathrall’s recent front page article in the Post implicating that Ryan Gilbert is trying to buy his way into office is clearly less than objective journalism that fails to address why Mr. Gilbert might feel the need to spend money on literature and light bulbs.  But Ryan, don’t take the bait.  Piedmonters are fed up with the divisiveness of the politics of Piedmont and want a City and City Council that is open and receptive to the ideas of all Piedmonters.  We want a City Council where we can discuss the business of the people in open and honest public debate respecting all viewpoints without personal attacks and without demonizing our opponents (our neighbors).  Don’t worry yourself about this article.  Continue to walk the neighborhoods and meet with the people of Piedmont.  Let them hear that you are listening to them and identifying and discussing the substance of the issues that impact us.

I’m not surprised that you have spent more in your campaign than your opponents have.  They have a significant advantage in name recognition.  They know people in town through schools, sports, arts and cultural programs that your young children have yet to engage in.  In this context, where your opponents are better known and the voters have to focus on the intricacies of two elections in a one-month period, well-crafted campaign literature might turn out to be a very important tool in delivering your ideas to the community.  I also like the symbolic gesture of the energy efficient light bulb and I don’t perceive it as an attempt to buy my vote.  I know that you are truly committed to trying to walk to every house in Piedmont before the election and I am not concerned if you are having the light bulbs dropped off by others in advance of your visiting a house.  It would be silly to require you to print up a whole separate bag to say “today a supporter of mine dropped off this light bulb …”  I know your intent is honorable.

So don’t take the bait.  Continue to meet the people and let them learn for themselves what an honest, down to earth, reasonable and capable guy you are.


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