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Public Works Recommends Joining Other Bay Area Cities Opposing Aerial Spraying

Posted by Len Gilbert on March 14, 2008

An article by Linda Davis in today’s Piedmonter says Public Works Director Larry Rosenberg will recommend the city follow suit with other Bay Area cities and oppose aerial spraying for brown apple moth.

The city council is set to discuss spraying in April.

Be heard

  1. E-mail Larry Rosenberg, Piedmont ’s Director of Public Works (lrosenberg@ci.piedmont.ca.us), letting him know that you are very concerned about this untested pesticide being sprayed over our community. He is preparing the City’s response to CDFA’s draft Environmental Impact Report, and in the Post article he invites concerned residents to e-mail him. The City’s letter to CDFA needs to be submitted by March 20, so the time to write him is right NOW! It doesn’t need to be a fancy letter!
  2. Write directly to the CDFA, either to their Light Brown Apple Moth Program at lbam@cdfa.ca.gov (again, a simple message is fine), or make your own comments on their draft Environmental Impact Report by the close of the business day on March 20th by sending an e-mail to jrains@cdfa.ca.gov . (The draft EIR is posted at http://www.cdfa.ca.gov/PHPPS/PDEP/lbam/pdfs/docs/LBAM_NOP_020808.pdf).

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