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Piedmont Unified School District Meeting

Posted by Len Gilbert on March 19, 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008 – 7:00 pm City Hall Council Chambers

This is the next meeting of the school board.

Other items of note

Write your representatives encouraging them to keep their educational funding promises.

One Response to “Piedmont Unified School District Meeting”

  1. trood said

    Parents in New Orleans are petitioning for green schools that earn at least a Silver LEED certification from the US Green Building Council.

    Shouldn’t Piedmont do the same? I have prepared a draft petition to the School Board (below) modeled on the New Orleans one – any Havens parents interested in carrying water on this with the parents club?

    LEED Silver Schools for Piedmont

    We, the undersigned, request that all new or substantially reconstructed schools in the city of Piedmont, beginning conform to the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for Schools standards. We urge the Piedmont School Board to commit to achieving, at a minimum, a LEED for Schools Silver certification for the new Havens School.

    Numerous studies have demonstrated the significant quantitative benefits of green schools. For example, one study (1) revealed a positive correlation between green schools and lower operating costs and reduced adverse health effects. Findings show that:
    * Green schools use an average of 33% less energy than conventional schools.
    * Green schools use an average of 32% less water than conventional schools.
    * Schools with improved air quality have an average of 38.5% reduction in asthma.
    * Green schools cost less than 2% more to build than conventional schools – or about $3 per square foot – but provide financial benefits that are 20 times as large.

    Another study (2) involving more than 21,000 students showed a dramatic correlation between daylit school environments and stronger student performance. These findings demonstrate:
    * 20% faster progression in math.
    * 26% faster progression in reading.
    * Views out of windows increased academic performance by 5-10%.

    In addition to a healthier indoor environment, increased academic performance, reduced adverse health effects, and lower operating expenses, green schools are better for the environment. Green schools use less energy, less water, incorporate non-toxic materials, and can make positive contributions to the local ecosystems. Green schools can also serve as a teaching instrument themselves, showcasing green technologies to students and local communities.

    By improving the learning environment and saving the school system money, green schools can improve the futures of thousands of students while showing environmental leadership and fiscal responsibility.

    Please sign this petition and help make greener Piedmont schools a reality.

    (1) “Greening America’s Schools: Costs and Benefits.” Gregory Kats, Capital E. (October 2006)
    (2) “Daylighting in Schools,” Heschong Mahone Group. (August 1999)

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