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Recreation Commission Appointments

Posted by Len Gilbert on March 26, 2008

On Monday, I submitted an application for the recreation commission. My interview with city council is next Monday evening. With my experience in Piedmont youth sports, I’m very interested in the recreation department’s youth programs, and Mayor Friedman’s desire to improve field space availability in town and hope that if I am appointed, I can contribute to that effort.

What do you think the recreation department is doing right? What can be improved? What is important to you? Have you ever registered for a camp or activity online? Do you use Schoolmates? Let me know your thoughts and ideas by adding your comments to this post or contact me directly.


One Response to “Recreation Commission Appointments”

  1. Thank you to those who contacted me in person or by email in support. I was not selected this time, but hope to apply again in 2 years for my 3rd attempt at an appointment.

    I hope that the recreation commission can be creative in field creation and field scheduling, enabling our town’s youth programs to continue to improve.

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