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The City Should Pay For The Field At Havens

Posted by drewbendon on March 28, 2008

According to the CIP Packet for the March 20, 2008 CIP meeting, the City currently has in excess of $1,000,000.00 “in the bank” for projects to improve the field surfaces at Hampton Field and Coaches Field.

22. Hampton Renovation Plan – $358,253 was budgeted in 2007-2008 of which $353,405 remains.  This projected is estimated to cost $1,200,000.

25. Field Improvement Savings Account – $714,613 was budgeted in 2007-2008 all of which remains. This saving account is for the installation of field turf and possibly lighting at Coaches Field.  Staff anticipates construction to commence in the Fall 2008.Among the rationale for these projects, particularly the Coaches project, is that the proposed renovations will allow for more usable time on these fields.  Right now, the fields are used to their maximum capacity as permitted by the City’s use restrictions.  The renovations would “increase” playing time by allowing the fields to be used in inclement weather or more quickly thereafter.  Adding lights to Coaches would increase the actual amount of time the field is playable.  But, to the best of my recollection, the issue of lights at Coaches has not yet been resolved.

The Becker Plan includes a new field at Havens the size of Beach Field.  The addition of this field will add more playing time than either of the projects at Hampton or Coaches.  Which is why I propose that the City should re-prioritize the projects at Hampton and Coaches and offer to use the $1,000,000.00 it has “in the bank” to develop the field at Havens.  If the field at Havens is paid for out of Measure E Bond Funds, it will reduce the availability of those funds for other seismic projects and it will mean that we are paying bond interest to build a field when we already have the cash to do so.  Re-prioritizing the Coaches/Hampton stash of cash to the new Havens field is a more fiscally prudent use of those funds.


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