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Bike-to-Work Day Follow-up

Posted by Len Gilbert on May 18, 2008

The Raleigh Steed, loaded, ready to go.I wanted to let you know I ended up riding about 37 miles on bike to work day. The ~4 mile trip to Emeryville was a cinch. I got there 40+ minutes before my co-workers and had a nice chat with the people at the Energizer Station at Powell while I waited.

You can see more pictures in my flickr Bike-to-Work set

Bike Power - Team Inovis arrives at the Richmond Marina6 of my coworkers met me in Emeryville and we headed up the Bay Trail toward Richmond for another 9+ miles. The pace was a bit slower than I’m used to because of the wide range of bike experience, but it was a beautiful morning and a fun ride. We met two more co-workers on the trail and the 9 of us made our way to the Richmond marina.

We had a work event at Albany bowl at lunch that day, so 4 of us biked there. It was very hot at this point and one biker hitched a ride back for herself and her bike in someone’s car. This was the record-breaking heat day. On the evening commute back to Emeryville, 5 of the 9 made the trip back, the others opting out because of the heat.

Overall, my bike mileage was about 37 miles including the Albany Bowl lunch trip. It was fun and I was not terribly physically affected the next day except for my right arm, which was sore from bowling! Remember that a typical ride for me is 5-12 miles, so this was a big step up.

One of our co-workers rides to work every day. One rides 3 times a week using a drive-bike combo. Another does a train-bike combo. As a result of the great experience, two or three of us who have typically been “car- only” decided to try to bike to work at least once or twice a month. Should be a fun challenge to see if we can do it.

Did anyone else bike to work? Are you riding for National Bike Month?


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