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Carnival at the Home Front

Posted by Len Gilbert on October 2, 2008

Imagine how surprised I was to go to work this morning and find a carnival set up in our parking lot! Richmond is holding it’s annual Home Front festival this weekend.

We knew they were going to include a children’s carnival in our parking lot, but I think we assumed it would be set up on Friday afternoon, not Wednesday evening. It was pretty funny to see that it’s a big carnival setup with rides including a ferris wheel, not just a few small game booths.

In addition to the carnival, the Home Front festival features food, music, a USO-style dance, lots of boats and ships (it is right on the Richmond Marina), and a train exhibit. There will also be a play about Rosie the Riveter and a chance to tour the Red Oak Victory ship, a WWII vessel.

The Home Front festival kicks off the evening of Friday, October 3rd with a USO dance and runs through October 5th. Hours are 11-5 both Saturday and Sunday.

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