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5th/6th Grade Boys Basketball

Posted by drewbendon on October 23, 2008

UPDATE:  I am informed that there is little chance that there would be 5th grade only boys basketball. Based on that we are reconsidering our son’s participation.


The Recreation Department combines 5th and 6th grade boys in one basketball league due to low enrollment. However, if there are enough boys in each grade level to field more than 4 teams, the league might be split by grade level. As of yesterday, I am told that there were only 26 fifth grade boys and 34 sixth grade boys signed up.

I think that a grade level split is important for all the boys to have a good time.  The size and skill disparity between the grade levels can be significant.  Also there are the different experiences and expectations of middle schools students and grade school students to consider.  

The evaluations begin the week of November 3.  Although sign-ups are technically closed, the teams won’t be chosen until after the evaluations and there may still be time to sign-up.  If your son is still interested in basketball, please contact the Recreation Department.  When you do, please mention to them that you’d prefer the grade levels to be split.



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