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Havens During Construction?

Posted by drewbendon on October 30, 2008

What will Havens look like during the construction?  How are all the portables to be arranged?  Will they be able to fit all of the students on the space?  If not who will go, and where?  What kind of play space will there be?  Will there be a library?  Schoolmates? Where will assemblies take place?  Which entrance(s) to the school will be used and how will you get there?  Will Bonita be open, closed, partly open/closed?  Will all the kids be going to the tennis courts for PE?  The park?  What about when it rains? Have PUSD & the City discussed the use of City facilities?   What arrangements have been/will be made?

Interested in these logistical issues and more?

The “discussion” appears to be beginning next week when Superintendent Hubbard addresses the Havens Parents Club on this subject, this Tuesday (Election Day) at 9:00 a.m. in the Ellen Driscoll Theater.  The meeting is open to the public.


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