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Portables on the PHS Baseball Field for 3 Years?

Posted by drewbendon on November 5, 2008

As I understand it, the logistics of the seismic retrofit will require moving some PHS functions, and the whole of Wildwood and Beach Elementary Schools into portables each for one year.  I also understand that the current proposal is to house each of these in successive years in portables on the PHS baseball field.  I understand that one rationale for this is that a large portion of the cost of portables is installation.  But there are logistical headaches here too.  For example, when WW is in its space and Beach is in the portables, will all the Beach kids enter from the WW drop off area?

I am not currently aware of any other options that are being formally discussed.  The School Board will take up this topic at its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, November 12, 2008 @ 7:00.  They may address it again at a special meeting the following week, but I understand that a resolution is desired by the December 10, 2008 regular meeting so that there is time to arrange for the portables to be in place prior to construction beginning.

Because the discussion is restricted to a short time frame, it might help if other ideas were floated, so here are some of my own thoughts:

1) Flatten 801 Magnolia and put the PHS portables on that site and on Bonita from Magnolia to Vista.

2) Once the Havens rebuild it complete, move the WW kids, and then the Beach kids, to the Havens portables.  Since there are (I think) about 40% fewer kids at WW and Beach than at Havens, there would be a need for fewer portables, so instead of portables taking up the whole play space, they could build the new field and all the kids would have a big field (and the brand new MPR) for PE, etc.  I bet the kids would think that this is incredibly fun and you could even mix things up a bit by, for example, having the Havens 5th graders stay in the portables so that the WW and Beach Kindergartners could be in the new classrooms and the 2 schools’ 5th graders could mingle, like they will the next year at PMS.

3) Put the portables for WW and Beach at Blair Park, or

4) Dracena Park  – where there is already one real bathroom that the teachers could use and a playground, or

5) Hampton Field – where there are real bathrooms a playground, basketball courts and tennis courts. (If the new field at Havens is open, this would only be a slight downgrade in field space from what exists now and it would only be for 2 years.)

With only one month to investigate any idea other than using the PHS baseball field, I encourage you to come to the School Board meetings and to contact your School Board.  I also encourage you to comment here.  Len and I started this blog primarily to increase the opportunity for meaningful discussion of issues like this.  Blog commentary allows you to see what others are saying and respond as if a live in-person discussion were happening.  You are not restricted to a 3 minute presentation to the Board and there is the opportunity for real give and take.  So let’s hear it Piedmont.  How would we like the School Board to handle this issue?


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