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1st PUSD Green Initiative Committee Meeting

Posted by movenden on November 15, 2008

Below is the agenda for our first meeting, as well as a list of the committee members. Please let others at your school know that this is an open meeting and that comments and feedback are welcomed. The main goal for this meeting is to review the charge of the committee, share our visions of how Piedmont schools can become more green, and start developing a common vision. There will also be two short presentations to start orienting us to some of the issues at hand (see below). Committee members, be sure to bring your calendars, as we will be setting meeting times for the rest of the school year. Look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Agenda for 1st PUSD
Green Initiative Committee Meeting

Thursday November 20, 3:30-5:30 p.m., PUSD Offices, 760 Magnolia St .

  • Introductions
  • Review tasks/charge of committee
    • 3-year Policy and Action Plan to present to School Board by June 09 (with policies for Sustainability in Construction, Waste Reduction, Landscaping and Grounds, Environmental Education)
    • Year 1 (2009-10) Develop policies for Energy Conservation, EPP (Environmentally Preferable Purchasing), Climate Action
    • Years 2-3 (2010-12) Continued implementation and evaluation of action plan and policies
  • Presentation: What is a green school? What are other schools doing? (Presentation by Deborah Moore of the Green Schools Initiative)
  • Visioning process (hear from everyone, summarize) (30 min)
    • Questions: How could you envision our schools being greener 4 years from now?
  • Presentation: Sustainability in Construction: Modernization & Measure “E” (Presentation by John Nelson of Murakami/Nelson)
  • Comments on Sustainability in Construction presentation
  • Set future meeting times
    • January (PUSD Green Progress Report, continue with Sustainability in Construction, start with Waste Reduction and Environmental Education)
    • March (Continue with previous policy areas, Landscaping and Grounds)
    • May (tie it all together, getting ready to present to School Board

Margaret Ovenden

2 Responses to “1st PUSD Green Initiative Committee Meeting”

  1. kellthompson said

    Something maybe others might not of thought of Biodegradable Pet Waste Bags. As a dog owner and a frequent visitor to the Piedmont Parks with my Cockapoo it would be great to see these being available.

    • Great idea.

      I think that would be in the city’s parks and rec department’s areas, so not part of the school district’s Green program (I’m pretty sure there are no dogs allowed on school properties).

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