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Post Skews The Results

Posted by drewbendon on January 8, 2009

Yesterday’s Piedmont Post article “Haven parents vote no on Emeryville” states “parents voted overwhelmingly, 59-3, in favor of splitting students between two sites in Piedmont rather than bussing them to Emeryville.”  “Wow,” you say, “that’s pretty dramatic.”  Until you know the real facts.

Parents were actually asked:  of the options do you prefer Emeryville, a split option, or are you open to either?

It is true that of those in the room 3 preferred Emeryville and 59 (or 60) preferred the split, BUT WHAT WAS NOT REPORTED IN THE POST is that 33 parents voted that they were open to any option.

By choosing not to publish the fact that more than a third of the parents in the room voting were open to any option, the Post created a characterization of the Havens parent community that is inaccurate and counterproductive to the process of open and frank discussion of the issues that face our community.

I’m sure that there will be some form of retraction or correction next week, but in the meantime and perhaps intractably, the damage is done.  The next school board meeting is 1/14/09.

This issue is fluid; options and possibilities change constantly.  Even for those of us giving this constant attention, there are many “facts” we don’t know.  We all need to continue to try to get the best information we can get to make an informed decision and to give our own personal reasoned recommendations to the School Board and City Council.

drew bendon

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