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Adding AP BC Calculus for $1500 – Sounds Like a No-Brainer To Me

Posted by drewbendon on January 9, 2009

I understand that in addition to the seismic relocation issue, the School Board will consider a proposal to add AP BC Calculus to the PHS curriculum at their meeting next Wednesday (1/14/09).  PHS already has staff to teach this course, so the cost to the district is estimated to be $1,500, the cost of the text books.  Despite the low cost there is some concern that given the current economic climate School Board members will be reluctant to add this cost to the district’s already tight budget.  If you agree with me that it would be a tremendous mistake, even in these tough financial times, if the district did not add this course at this low cost, then please contact your school board members at the following addresses:


Please include Superintendent Hubbard and PHS principal Randall Booker in your e-mail as well:




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