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Community Meetings on Parcel Tax Renewal to be Held February 7th & 9th

Posted by Len Gilbert on January 20, 2009


On June 2 Piedmont will be voting to renew and possibly increase the existing parcel tax measures that fund more than 25% of the Piedmont Unified School District’s annual budget.   As part of the process to determine the specifics of the measure that will be put before the voters, an advisory committee to the School Board is gathering public input.   On Saturday February 7th and Monday February 9th the committee will be holding two community meetings to explain the current state of local public education funding – including the role of the parcel tax – and to elicit input from citizens on the size and scope of the tax that will be on the June 2 ballot.  (The meetings will cover identical information; the committee is holding two sessions because it recognizes that not all citizens can easily attend a weekend morning or weekday evening event).

The two meetings will be held:

Saturday February 7th

9:00 am to 11:00 am

Veterans Memorial Hall

401 Highland Avenue

Monday February 9th

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Beach School Auditorium

100 Lake Avenue

The parcel tax helps fill the large – and growing – financial gap between what the state provides and what the PUSD spends each year to maintain the extraordinarily high quality of public education in our town.  It supports more than 60 teaching and classroom aide positions throughout the district.  It allows our schools to maintain smaller class sizes, offer advanced elective and AP classes, upgrade technology resources, and provide funding for the library and counseling and foreign language and science and art and music and athletic programs that our students would not otherwise have.   The parcel tax is, in short, critical to one of Piedmont’s defining civic attributes: a deep commitment to excellent public schools.

The current state of California’s budget and recent decisions made in Sacramento have further intensified fiscal pressure on all local school districts, including the PUSD, making the upcoming vote on Piedmont’s parcel tax especially important.   We strongly encourage all city residents to attend the community meetings and make their opinions heard.

For more information about the parcel tax advisory committee or the meetings scheduled for February 7th and 9th, please contact Terry London 428-0144  terry@wfl.net or  Sarah Pearson 658-0888  srpear@gmail.com.

One Response to “Community Meetings on Parcel Tax Renewal to be Held February 7th & 9th”

  1. drewbendon said

    As many of you know, I did not support the move to Emeryville (though I’m happy to report that Isaac is very excited about it). I also know that for many of you the temporary housing issue was a very emotionally charged issue. But I want to reiterate, or rather paraphrase something that I believe Ray said last night. No matter how angry you may be with the school board’s decision, please don’t, as the saying goes, cut off your nose to spite your face. We need the parcel tax, possibly more than any time since Proposition 13 (editorial comments omitted) passed. If you’re angry with the Emeryville decision, vote your elected officials out of office, but don’t take it out on the kids.


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