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Artificial Turf Buried at Havens?

Posted by Len Gilbert on February 9, 2009

If you look at the packet of materials for the school board meeting on February 11th, you’ll see on page 31 a “Use Agreement for Havens School Playfield”.  Buried in there (Witnesseth, item #2, “Specifications”) that it appears that artificial turf is a done deal and that no natural option is being considered.

Given the amount of concern the community has expressed over plastic grass at Coaches Field or Hampton Field, it seems that a little more information should be presented regarding the synthetic turf option up-front. At a minimum, this should be a separate agenda item with discussion. I think that a better idea is to remove #2 for more consideration of all field surface options at a later date.

Overall, the field and the rest of the use restrictions seem reasonable, but I believe the discussion of the surface should be more “above ground” with a natural option considered.


One Response to “Artificial Turf Buried at Havens?”

  1. drewbendon said

    Thanks Len,

    But I have to disagree about the use “restrictions.” They are significantly more expansive than those at Beach! I thought that the point of putting in a new field in was to relieve the pressure at Beach and, in part, on the demands of the neighbors there. We’re willing to take a field in front of our house so that both areas can have less organized sports use and none on Sunday. We shouldn’t be more than doubling the use. Between the 2 fields we should add half again as much capacity and reduce Beach to 3/4 of what it currently takes and ask Havens to take no more than 3/4 of what Beach currently takes so that there are places and times for kids to play in a less structured environment.


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