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Bike Commute with New Gear

Posted by Len Gilbert on February 25, 2009

In between storms I’ve been biking to work. Because of a bum pedal on my Raleigh, I’ve been riding an old Bridgestone hybrid, but now I have the Raleigh back thanks to a quick crank arm swap by Manifesto Bikes. I’m very happy to be back on a bike with fenders during this rain.

avenir-gearIn the meantime, I was lucky enough to read a twitter from Avenir about some free items. Of course, I responded in record time and won the prize.  Matt Millen, product manager at Avenir, sent the goods out quickly and they arrived during ski week. Included in the box were the Metro III panniers, urban gel gloves, a Big Mouth 55/73 seat bag, and a mini-pump. Nice haul!

Here are the panniers on my Raleigh One Way:

Raleigh One Way with Avenir panniers

Overall, these are very good, light-duty commuter panniers. I can get my laptop bag in the top compartment and still have tons of room in the two large and two smaller side pockets to hold a couple of wool zip-neck pullovers, my tool bag, and a baseball coaching manual with room to spare. The material is mid-weight 420 denier nylon and has some stiffener inside. Adjustment to fit on my Nitto rear rack was easy. These would also be great panniers for an S24O.  I don’t think I’d recommend them for serious bike touring, but these seem to be a great pannier in the economy class retailing for under $40.Avenir Big Mouth on a Raleigh Sports

I put the seat bag on my 1968 Raleigh Sports. This bag seems pretty solidly made and attached easily to the Brooks B17 saddle. The entire end unzips, making access to tools, tube, or a Larabar super easy.

Avenir pump on Bridgestone CB-1My two Raleighs already have pumps, so I put the new Avenir pump on my 1994 Bridgestone CB-1 hybrid. This bike recently got some new 1.85 Michelin City tires with reflective sidewalls, a rear rack, and a Brooks B67 saddle. I use it for riding with the Trail-a-Bike and for fire roads and light trail riding.

I like the pump on this bike because it has both presta and shrader valve capability. Since I use this bike on “family rides” where we have a combination of tire and tube types and this pump can handle them all. It’s compact and easily attached to the water bottle mounts. It also has a rotating handle to make pumping up tires easier.

Overall, Matt at Avenir did right by me and my bikes. Next topic, how many people in town bike to work, to get groceries, to go to the farmers market? If so, you might want to check out the Piedmont Cyclists Google group. Contribute tips, suggest routes, get ready for Bike-toWork day (we may even have a Piedmont Engerizer station!).


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  1. That is a beautiful bike there. What kind of handlebars are you riding?

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