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Skeletons in the closet

Posted by Len Gilbert on February 26, 2009

OK, this item was sent in to PNN yesterday, but we don’t have any additional information other than what the major media are reporting. I thought it best to wait a day, but mention it today since it is a major news event in Piedmont.

Yesterday a woman was discovered dead and “decomposed” or “mummified”, (depending on which story you read) in a house at Highland and Blair. Details of her death and circumstances in the last 5 years are unclear.

SFGate has an article as does CBS News and the Oakland Tribune. KTVU has a slightly different version.

3 Responses to “Skeletons in the closet”

  1. bbarnesjr said

    Boy I’m glad we didn’t go trick or treating to that house last year. From the description on the Channel 5 story perhaps the story could be retitled “The Blair Witch Project”? “Mummy Dearest”? creepy and sad.

  2. Sarah said

    Over the past 36 hours, I’ve been guilty of falling into a lot of dark humor like the person who left the comment above. It’s hard not to make jokes about “the mummy’s tomb” or “mummy dearest” because this is so macabre, like discovering the Psycho house in the middle of Mayberry. But I think my humor is a defense mechanism to the fact it’s truly sad and disturbing. My kids and I walk by that house every day on our way to Havens and noticed that it looked rundown. To think that there was a widower who must have been neglected or mistreated, right in our community, who passed away and lay there all this time is a reminder that we all need to watch out for and periodically check in on our elderly neighbors. We’ve been talking to our two kids about it (they’re in 2nd and 5th grades) because it’s disturbing yet exciting for them; that is, they’re confused and curious by the news, but also excited to have a “real mystery” in our neighborhood. I’m sure this house and this news event will enter the psyche and local lore for our kids’ generation and generations of Piedmont kids to come.

  3. harvitt said

    In today’s Piedmont Post, it said that the daughter, Nancy Bostrom of 200 Highland Ave, is running for City Council… This oughta be interesting..

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