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Blair Park Field Survey

Posted by Len Gilbert on March 5, 2009

Our neighbors over at the Today in Montclair, 94611 blog have created a survey for Montclarians and Piedmonters regarding development at Blair Park, in Oakland, general field usage, and related topics.

Read more in the post “All About Local Sports Fields” or Take the Survey.



One Response to “Blair Park Field Survey”

  1. montclairoak said

    Well, the survey results are out now. We ran the survey and about 200 folks responded! Some 50 respondents filled in almost all the questions. Check out the findings here:

    To Blair Or Not To Blair

    How To Solve Field Shortage

    We also received an onslaught of comments, and will summarize those in a posting soon. Thanks again for your opinions and help.

    Debby Richman
    Your Faithful Montclair Blogger
    Today in Montclair, 94611

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