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Piedmont Makes SFGate Again!

Posted by Len Gilbert on March 16, 2009

The folks across the bay just can’t get enough news about our little town. Today’s SFGate has an article “Piedmont: Holding Steady as Storms Rage“. The general theme is that our home prices are holding steady thanks to our great schools and public services.

And on the same day I got this email regarding a Parcel Tax kick-off meeting:

Now that the two complimentary  Parcel Tax measures have been approved by the School Board and submitted for  the June 2nd ballot, the Steering Committee is recruiting  volunteers to build support and coordinate a Get  Out the Vote effort in all Piedmont neighborhoods. There are many ways  to be  involved, every little bit helps a lot, and we would love you to join our  efforts!

Please come to the Parcel  Tax Volunteer Kick-Off Meeting on Wednesday, March  18th from  7-9 p.m.

We will enjoy wine, coffee, and  desserts, and then our local campaign expert, Larry Tramutola,  will explain campaign strategy. It should be a fun and productive  evening. Everyone who would like to help is welcome at the meeting — please  tell your friends and neighbors! (rsvp helpful but not  necessary)

For more information, please contact the Parcel Tax Co-Chairs:
Terry London 428-0144 terry@wfl.net
Sarah Pearson 658-0888  srpear@gmail.com

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