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Walk-to-School Day – Friday April 24th

Posted by movenden on April 22, 2009

its-cool-to-walk-to-school-200The effort to get more families to walk, bike and carpool to school continues at all three Piedmont elementary schools with a Walk to School Day on Friday April 24. The Green Committees of the Wildwood, Beach and Havens Parents’ Clubs are encouraging everyone who can to leave their cars at home that day and join with their neighbors in getting to school by foot or other gas-conserving means.

On last October’s Walk to School Day, over 73% of Beach students arrived at school by foot, on scooter, by bike or by carpool. “We’re hoping to beat that record this week,” says Beach Green Committee Chair Margaret Ovenden, adding that changing how you commute to school can contribute significantly to reducing your family’s greenhouse gas emissions. “A lot of families have stuck with walking to school over the winter months, and spring is a great time for those who haven’t to get back to it.”

This Friday’s Walk to School Day will culminate a week of activities commemorating Earth Week, including a trash weigh-in and “Garbologist Recognition” at Havens, a “Water Conservation Carnival” at Wildwood, and a “School Garden Market” at Beach.

For more information, contact Katherine O’Connor (Havens) oconnorcrew@sbcglobal.net, Suzanne Lane (Wildwood) suzannelane63@gmail.com, or Margaret Ovenden (Beach) movenden@sbcglobal.net .

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  1. […] to all for the advice and for the link to the Free Range Kids blog. I found this link as well: Walk-to-School Day – Friday April 24th Piedmont Neighborhood News. There clearly is a movement to have more kids bike and walk to school, and we plan to have our […]

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