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Vote Tuesday on Measures B & E

Posted by Len Gilbert on May 31, 2009

BE-for-piedmontI believe that Measures B & E are good for Piedmont, both for the schools and for the community. I know that there is opposition to both measures, but overall, as you drive through town, you’ll see an abundance of Yes on B & E signs. Piedmonters are proud of their community and the schools are a big part of what makes Piedmont a great place to live.

No one moved to Piedmont because of the low property taxes. People move here for the small town community, the police and fire services, and most of all, for the excellent public schools.

It’s clear to me that the state government will take what it can from cities, counties, schools, and health services to cover budgetary shortcomings. The parcel tax is money that stays in Piedmont no matter what the legislature does. It goes directly to Piedmont schools.

Whatever your position, take the time to vote on Tuesday. The community’s decision on that day will affect you as a homeowner and resident whether you have children in the school or not. You should be part of that decision. I hope you’ll join me in supporting B&E.


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Parkway Theater

Posted by Len Gilbert on May 30, 2009

This community meeting notice came to me from the City Homestead blog. Check out the meeting at Rooz Cafe on Piedmont Avenue this Sunday…details below.

When: THIS Sunday, May 31st, 3 pm to 5 pm
Where: Rooz Cafe, 1918 Park Boulevard
Why: Learn what the future may hold for the Parkway, and provide your own ideas and input.

From the organizers:

“We will bring the lowdown on the recent investor activity regarding the Parkway Theater. You will bring your diverse and rich experience, and a passion for movies, food, and drink. Together, we will construct our collective vision for the new Parkway.

The visioning process has already been done at previous I Like The Parkway meetings and through the spare time of various volunteers. This go-’round, we’ll be working off of those initial efforts to distill the community’s true desires for their beloved Parkway into a nice, digestible package for potential investors. The results of these discussions, along with our survey, will be part of the toolset that we will present to the investors that will help guide them in their processes, and ultimately will help us determine if we as a community should endorse them (we hope so!). Come join us!”

Can’t make it to the meeting? You can still offer your ideas through the group’s web survey.

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Havens – Emeryville Bus Routes

Posted by drewbendon on May 26, 2009

Curious where the bus routes from Piedmont to Emeryville will be for Havens students next year and/or whether there might be a stop in front of your house?  Check out this site:  http://www.piedmontschoolbus.org/.   I’m told the routes might change before the June 4, 2009 public meeting (7:00 at the PMS Multi-purpose room) – which is why they aren’t currently advertised for comment to the general public – but if you have some thoughts now, please contact your school board or bfeusier@piedmont.k12.ca.us.


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Bike-to-Work Update

Posted by Len Gilbert on May 26, 2009

Click to learn more about commuting by bicycle.

Click to learn more about commuting by bicycle.

So, it’s Bike Month and Bike-to-Work day was almost two weeks ago. We’re still riding in. So far this month I have a 4 for 5 and two 5 for 5 weeks. Four other coworkers are committed to riding as part of the Team Bike Challenge. We also have a couple of other coworkers who occasionally ride or at least ride at lunch instead of taking the car.

How many of you participated in BTWD? How did it go? Did you stop at an Energizer Station? Congrats to Dale, who rode in a couple of days that week. Readers, please leave a comment if you participated.

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From Guatemala, with Love

Posted by Len Gilbert on May 21, 2009

Piedmont High School Graduates start a scholarship program in Rabinal, Guatemala and bring back letters of hope and gratitude

After witnessing the dismal health conditions faced by Guatemalan families living in poverty, Piedmont High School 2004 graduates Michael Bakal and Amy Yam founded Voces y Manos por el Derecho a la salud (Voice and Hands for the Right to health) an organization dedicated to addressing health needs in Guatemala.  They began their work in 2007 by coordinating community health fairs that provided comprehensive preventive and curative health services.  But when they heard Guatemalan Nobel Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu declare: “it is not until we have more Indigenous doctors and nurses who speak the language of the people will health conditions truly be improved”, they realized they had to broaden their vision.

Heading Menchu’s call, Voces y Manos established a scholarship fund that has assisted Guatemalan youth embark on the academic journey to careers in nursing, education, and medicine.  The community health fairs have thus become a springboard to something much greater: an opportunity to inspire local Indigenous youth to bring health to their communities.

Voces y Manos is hosting an open house event at the Kehilla Synagogue—1300 Grand Avenue—in Piedmont On Sunday, May 31st, 2009 from 4-6pm. The Bay Area community, along with current and past sponsors, are invited to attend.  Letters from scholarship recipients will be read by Piedmont Middle and High School students, light refreshments will be served and all will be invited to enjoy items in the Guatemalan art and artifacts display.  You will also get a chance to hear what Voces y Manos and partner organizations have planned for this summer.

If you would like to bring art or artifacts from Guatemala, or to share your own story about the human right to health please, contact Lisa Gardner-Event Coordinator at 510-867-9221.  For more information, to volunteer or to donate to Voces y Manos go to www.vocesymanos.org or contact Michael Bakal at michaelbakal@gmail.com.

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