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B & E in Brief

Posted by Len Gilbert on May 11, 2009

The ballots are here – Vote YES by mail today!

Why vote YES on both B & E?

Measure B

  • California underfunds schools – we rank 46th in the nation on spending per pupil.
  • Piedmont’s response for the last 24 years has been to invest locally controlled funds from a School parcel Tax that gets has been renewed every four since 1985.
  • Measure B is a consolidation and simple renewal of existing taxes – Measure B will NOT increase your taxes

Measure E

  • Due the current California State budget crisis school funding has been cut even more.
  • These cuts will &ct the classroom.
  • Measure E is a temporary (3 year) measure designed to only partially offset the latest cuts.
  • Measure E will add less than $20/month to the average household’s tax bill.

Did you realize that even if B & E pass, there will be cuts?

Assuming that B&E pass and the State budget situation does not worsen, the equivalent of 55 full
time teachers and 5 full time support staff will be eliminated by:

  • Increasing class sizes in grades 6-12
  • cutting back on administrative staff services
  • Reducing counseling time
  • Reducing classroom aides and occupational therapist time
  • Cutting back on ground services and facilities maintenance

If Measure E doesn’t pass, cuts will be more drastic

In addition to the above cutbacks, the equivalent of 3.5 full time teachers and 6 MI time support
staff members will also be eliminated by reduction of:

  • Classroom aides in Grades K-3
  • Library services and library assistants and for K-12
  • K-12 counseling services
  • Positions such as high school department chairs, activities coaches, music accompanists
  • PMS/PHS administrative support
  • Custodial staff K-12

The Challenge

  1. Approve Measures B & E by the required 2/3 majority of voters [66.7%), when nearly 70% of Piedmonters don’t have kids in school.

Concerned? What you can do!

  1. Get Out the vote -yours, every voter in your family and your neighbors -for both B & E in the June 2 election
    • Help combat the low expected turnout for single issue June 2 B&E election
    • Last day to register to vote May 18


  2. Vote by mail TODAY! Ballots arrived this week
    • If you vote by mail, your ballot anived this week Send it in ASAP!
    • Otherwise, request an absentee ballot ASAP
    • Last day to register for absentee ballot is May 26
  3. Register as an Endorser
  4. Register for a Yes on B & E Lawn Sign

Want more info or to help?

Visit our website at www.YESonBandE.org

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