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Bike-to-Work Day is Thursday, May 14th

Posted by Len Gilbert on May 12, 2009

BTWD-2009May is Bike Month and this Thursday is Bike-to-Work Day. Get out your bike and ride!

In addition to a group of us meeting to ride to work on Thursday, my coworkers and I are participating in the Team Bike Challenge. On our team of 5 riders, we have three riders who ride to work 4 or 5 days a week and as often as possible on weekends and are committed to riding during the month of May. The other two riders on the team try to ride as often as they can, even though it’s not everyday. Sometimes it’s as simple as riding the bike to get your latte instead of hopping in the car. The farmers market, a quick trip to Trader Joe’s, or to the local park or market are all good reasons to ride the bike. I rode my bike to coach soccer my son’s team last fall.

Raleigh-One-Way-Avenir-PannierIf you are heading out on Thursday, be sure to check out the “Energizer Stations” where you can pick up a musette bag of goodies and bike-related SWAG. Some stations also offer refreshments. See the full list of Energizer Stations in the east bay.

For route planning, check out Bikely.com, a great bike mapping resource. For more info on local biking, see Walk Oakland Bike Oakland (aka WOBO) and the East Bay Bike Coalition.

Hope to see you on the road Tuesday!


2 Responses to “Bike-to-Work Day is Thursday, May 14th”

  1. paviavio said

    Is the Bike-to-Work Day changed to Thursday from Friday from now on? Wikipedia says it is the third Friday.

  2. Officially, BTWD is Friday, but in many communities, the entire Bay Area included, it’s on Thursday. I think it’s to make it a “regular” work day instead of a Friday, where it might be perceived as a recreation activity, not a transportation activity.

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