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Havens – Emeryville Bus Routes

Posted by drewbendon on May 26, 2009

Curious where the bus routes from Piedmont to Emeryville will be for Havens students next year and/or whether there might be a stop in front of your house?  Check out this site:  http://www.piedmontschoolbus.org/.   I’m told the routes might change before the June 4, 2009 public meeting (7:00 at the PMS Multi-purpose room) – which is why they aren’t currently advertised for comment to the general public – but if you have some thoughts now, please contact your school board or bfeusier@piedmont.k12.ca.us.


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Bike-to-Work Update

Posted by Len Gilbert on May 26, 2009

Click to learn more about commuting by bicycle.

Click to learn more about commuting by bicycle.

So, it’s Bike Month and Bike-to-Work day was almost two weeks ago. We’re still riding in. So far this month I have a 4 for 5 and two 5 for 5 weeks. Four other coworkers are committed to riding as part of the Team Bike Challenge. We also have a couple of other coworkers who occasionally ride or at least ride at lunch instead of taking the car.

How many of you participated in BTWD? How did it go? Did you stop at an Energizer Station? Congrats to Dale, who rode in a couple of days that week. Readers, please leave a comment if you participated.

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