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Vote Tuesday on Measures B & E

Posted by Len Gilbert on May 31, 2009

BE-for-piedmontI believe that Measures B & E are good for Piedmont, both for the schools and for the community. I know that there is opposition to both measures, but overall, as you drive through town, you’ll see an abundance of Yes on B & E signs. Piedmonters are proud of their community and the schools are a big part of what makes Piedmont a great place to live.

No one moved to Piedmont because of the low property taxes. People move here for the small town community, the police and fire services, and most of all, for the excellent public schools.

It’s clear to me that the state government will take what it can from cities, counties, schools, and health services to cover budgetary shortcomings. The parcel tax is money that stays in Piedmont no matter what the legislature does. It goes directly to Piedmont schools.

Whatever your position, take the time to vote on Tuesday. The community’s decision on that day will affect you as a homeowner and resident whether you have children in the school or not. You should be part of that decision. I hope you’ll join me in supporting B&E.


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