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And so it begins…

Posted by drewbendon on June 13, 2009

After the trucks had rumbled up Oakland and parked themselves in front of my house, all but one backing itself into place, with its loud warning signal screaming into my bedroom at well before 8 and while the movers shouted greetings to one another, my wife, bitter resignation clearly evident in her voice, said “and so it begins.”

So begins the Summer of Construction during which, for seven days a week, the neighbors of Havens will enjoy the dulcet tones of demolition and construction beginning at 8, 9 on Saturday and Sunday (though that clearly doesn’t apply to movers) and ending at the earliest at 4 p.m., later during the week, and if there is a possibility that they won’t be able to get the portables up in time for the fall, no doubt later on the weekends.

Someone asked my not so long ago, when I was arguing for reasonable hours of use at the new Havens’ Field, “what did you expect?”  Well the answer is that in a place that purportedly prides itself on its “sense of community/small town character” I expect my neighbors, my community, and by extension their governing bodies, to do what I would do for them – and that would include letting y’all sleep a bit on the weekends.



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