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Garrett, Jeff, and John

Posted by Len Gilbert on February 3, 2010

The election results are in and two incumbents and a former council member appear to have won the three seats on the council. Garrett Keating, Jeff Wieler, and John Chiang are the top vote-getters in yesterday’s election. In a solid showing for a political newcomer, with 16% of the vote, is Julie Watters. Sunny Bostrum with 165 votes is distantly behind. Finally, it would be interesting to know who the 19 write-in candidates were.

Thank you to all candidates for volunteering to serve our city.

JOHN CHIANG – 2,090 (29.62%)
JEFF WIELER – 1,844 (26.13%)
GARRETT KEATING – 1,797 (25.47%)

JULIE A. WATTERS – 1,141 (16.17%)
SUNNY BOSTROM – 165 (2.34%)

Write-In – 19 (0.27% )

Results are from the Alameda County Registrar of Voters and still unofficial, although all 6 precincts are counted.

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