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Robbery Attempt in Piedmont

Posted by Len Gilbert on June 1, 2010

The Piedmonter has an article online “Piedmont family shaken, father injured in home invasion robbery

Below is the official press release from the Piedmont police department.

Press Release

On Tuesday, June 1, 2010, at approximately 4:58am, the Piedmont Police Department received a 911 call from a woman reporting that she was being robbed and the suspects were still in her house.  Piedmont police officers arrived to the home, located in the 300 block of Magnolia Ave., and contacted a male victim who was outside of the home.  He was bleeding from a cuts to his arms that he received from jumping through a window to escape the suspects.  He was transported to Highland Hospital by Piedmont Fire Department Ambulance.  Shortly after the officers’ arrival, the female victim exited the home, stating that her children were locked in a bathroom.  Piedmont police officers entered the home and retrieved the children.   A search of the home was then conducted with the help of a K-9 from the Emeryville Police Department.  No suspects were located.

According to the victims, four black males wearing “hoodies” and armed with guns entered the home through an open bedroom window and confronted them, demanding money.  At one point, the male victim jumped through the bedroom window to escape and summon help.  Several of the suspects exited the home and chased after the male victim.  The remaining suspect then left the home in an unknown direction.  The victims report that a Rolex watch and cellular phone were taken by the suspects.

A small, light-colored car was seen leaving the area shortly after the time of this robbery.  The car had been parked on Arbor Dr. and was driven off toward Grand Av.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective George Phifer at 510-420-3013.

Capt. John Hunt

June 1, 2010

5 Responses to “Robbery Attempt in Piedmont”

  1. […] Attempt in Piedmont June 2, 2010 by ronnakelly Piedmont Neighborhood News reported on an early morning robbery attempt June 1 on Magnolia Avenue while residents were home. […]

  2. trood said

    Apparently the Piedmont Post reported that the PPD had reclassified this incident as a domestic dispute.

    • oldpiedmonter said

      Trood – can you give a link or show where you got that? This was bay area news, if the whole story is a fraud and made up, then that is a big thing someone should jump on.

      • trood said

        Thanks for the link – I had heard the reclassification was printed (I won’t say “reported”) in the Piedmont Post, which doesn’t publish online so as to limit its content to paying customers (i.e. those who subscribe, and those who donate).

  3. oldpiedmonter said

    Actually – just found this:


    Piedmont home invasion suspect in custody
    By Peter Hegarty
    Staff Writer
    Posted: 06/15/2010 04:19:34 PM PDT
    Updated: 06/16/2010 09:41:20 AM PDT

    PIEDMONT — A teenager has allegedly admitted taking part in a home invasion on Magnolia Drive earlier this month, but police are still searching for other suspects in connection with the case.

    The 17-year-old boy, who is now in custody, was among a group of suspects who entered the home via an open window June 1 and demanded money from the family inside at gunpoint, according to investigators……

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