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Piedmont Baseball – Fall Ball

Posted by Len Gilbert on August 26, 2010

If you’re interested in a little fall baseball, this email came from Piedmont Baseball Foundation (PBF).¬† Check out the info and visit their website for more info or to register.


Dear Piedmont Baseball Families-

Fall Ball registration is underway. Please register kids now at www.piedmontbaseball.org.  Online registration runs through Friday, September 3rd. We will be forming teams immediately after that, and games will likely start in less than two weeks- on Sunday, September 12th.

SEASON OVERVIEW: Fall Ball runs from early September through mid November and primarily consists of Sunday games, to avoid conflicts with other fall sports which have games scheduled primarily on Saturdays. Fall Ball is open to players aged 7-14 on April 30, 2011.

We normally don’t hold weekly team practices for Fall Ball, but hope to offer optional, informal age-based practice sessions on Saturdays (at rotating times) for kids who want to build skills and enjoy more playing time. Players may attend these extra sessions as their schedules permit.
Bronco (ages 11-12) and Pony (ages 13-14) teams may hold one weekday evening practice per week, if it can be arranged.

HOW TO REGISTER: Follow the registration links and instructions at www.piedmontbaseball.org.
Please register as early as possible to help us determine the number of coaches needed!

We’re looking forward to Fall Ball and hope you will join us.

Piedmont Baseball Foundation

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Bicycle Pedestrian Bridge over I-80

Posted by Len Gilbert on August 26, 2010

Emeryville is building a bicycle & pedestrian bridge over interstate 80 at 65th street. The overpass will connect the Berkeley-Emeryville Greenway with the Bay Trail. There are two meetings with presentations, so you hopefully can attend one of them.

Thursday, August 26, 6:30PM and Tuesday, September 7th, 7:15 PM

Emeryville City Council Chambers, 1333 Park Avenue, Emeryville.

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Save Carbon/Save Money

Posted by Len Gilbert on August 25, 2010

Have you been thinking you’d like to reduce your personal and home energy use, but aren’t sure where to start?  Do you wonder how our individual actions can make a difference in addressing global energy challenges?  Come for an evening of answers and inspiration:

‚ÄúSave Carbon/Save Money‚ÄĚ

a talk by Dr. Daniel Kammen of U.C. Berkeley

(national expert on energy policy issues)

Followed by a Question & Answer session on local resources for residential energy efficiency, conservation, solar installations and green building/remodeling practices with:

StopWaste ‚Äď Judi Ettlinger

City of Piedmont ‚Äď Kevin Jackson


Thursday September 16th (note date change: previously scheduled for 15th)7:30 p.m.

Ellen Driscoll Playhouse, 325 Highland Ave

Co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Piedmont and Piedmont CONNECT

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Reusable Lunch Containers‚Äď10% of each order donated to Piedmont Schools!

Posted by movenden on August 24, 2010

One Small Step will continue to offer free drop-off delivery to select Piedmont locations (including the Fundraising Office and Beach School Office) as well as donating 10% of each order placed from Piedmont to the Piedmont schools‚Äô SCRIP fund.¬† This is a quick, easy way to stock up on re-usable lunch containers for packing ‚Äúno-trash‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúless landfill‚ÄĚ lunches. One Small Step offers a wide variety of items, including cloth wraps and sandwich bags, stainless steel and safe plastic food containers, thermoses, water bottles, etc.

To place an order, go to www.onesmallstep.com. When you check-out, indicate which Piedmont drop-off site is best for you (currently the closest location for Havens, PMS, MHS and PHS is the Fundraising Office, which is on the lower level of the Piedmont Community Center, at 711 Highland Ave).¬†You will receive an e-mail from One Small Step letting you know when your order is ready for pick-up at that site.¬† Please note that any questions about your order should be directed to One Small Step, not to people at the drop-off sites ‚Äď i.e., they can show you where the drop off box is, but please don‚Äôt ask them questions about your order.¬† We suggest calling the Fundraising Office to make sure they are open or not in a meeting before you go over: 653-1816).¬† If your order is over $75, One Small Step can make a free home delivery.¬† The 10% donation to Piedmont schools will be made automatically for all Piedmont addresses and/or orders requesting one of the Piedmont drop-off sites. (If you have friends and family out of the area who‚Äôd like to order from One Small Step and have 10% go to the Piedmont schools, they can enter¬†‚ÄúPiedmont schools‚ÄĚ in their¬†fundraising preference when they register.¬† They can have their order shipped using the normal shipping procedure.)

For more information: Margaret Ovenden movenden@sbcglobal.net

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Piedmont Pool – Letter to the Editor

Posted by Len Gilbert on August 23, 2010

This letter to the editor was also sent to the Piedmonter and Piedmont Post.


To the Editor: Piedmonter/PiedmontPost

Josh Bernstein’s August 19, 2010 letter to¬†the Editor “Time to reconsider pool¬†management” makes several claims that could¬† only be true in the world of “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, where things mean their opposites.¬† First, it claims “[e]very taxpayer subsidizes the rent and operation of this private club.”¬† In fact, the Piedmont Swim Club is not¬†some¬†exclusive “private” entity.¬† Anyone in Piedmont who wants to join and is willing to pay the initiation fee and dues to support swimming in Piedmont is free to do so.¬† The device of a “private” club is simply what allows swimming to happen in Piedmont at no taxpayer expense.¬† Through its fees and dues, the Club operates the pool and supports the swimming programs of the Piedmont school district, recreation department, and¬†swim team.¬† The¬†pool¬†was built on donated land with donated funds and, whether the Club has paid¬†the nominal rent it paid for 15 years or the no rent it has paid for the other 31, it has never cost the taxpayers a dime.¬† Contrast that with the proposed, City-operated new aquatics center–with a competition pool, a lap pool and a children’s pool-Josh Bernstein is the principal advocate for.¬† The City’s 2006 outside consultant’s report found that city operation of¬†the¬†pool (new or old) would require a taxpayer subsidy of up to $325,000.¬† It put the cost of building a competition pool alone at $10 million.¬†¬†How the Club’s operation, which costs the taxpayers nothing, involves¬†a taxpayer “subsidy” and the proposed multi-million dollar, City-operated aquatic center involves none, only¬†Humpty Dumpty could explain.¬†¬†Second, the¬†letter refers to¬†the “years of acrimony between the City and the [Club]”.¬† The only¬†acrimony I am aware of comes from two small factions:¬†those who want to use the pool facilities but don’t want to¬†join the Club to pay for¬†them, and those who support the¬†dream aquatics center but, as yet, haven’t been able to convince the rest of¬† the community to fund their dream.¬† Finally, the letter implies that the recent pool closure involved a lack of “safety oversight”.¬† How it reaches that conclusion when the DEH inspector who closed the pool found¬†it was in¬†compliance with¬†the new safety laws, the letter doesn’t say.¬† (The pool was initially closed because¬†of failure to have certified that compliance, even though the law and DEH’s own¬†web site said that¬†certification¬†was not due until¬†September 30.¬† It then remained closed so¬†the drains and drain pipes could be reconfigured at DEH’s request to increase the flow rate of water through the¬†drains by less than 10%.¬† See, http://piedmontswimclub.com/whathappened.pdf. )¬† A recent¬†KTVU report found¬†that Alameda County has been shutting down ten public pools a week since July 1 and is the only county in the¬†area that has found the¬†need to do so in the middle of the summer.¬† That is the real story.

Jon Sakol

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