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Reusable Lunch Containers–10% of each order donated to Piedmont Schools!

Posted by movenden on August 24, 2010

One Small Step will continue to offer free drop-off delivery to select Piedmont locations (including the Fundraising Office and Beach School Office) as well as donating 10% of each order placed from Piedmont to the Piedmont schools’ SCRIP fund.  This is a quick, easy way to stock up on re-usable lunch containers for packing “no-trash” or “less landfill” lunches. One Small Step offers a wide variety of items, including cloth wraps and sandwich bags, stainless steel and safe plastic food containers, thermoses, water bottles, etc.

To place an order, go to www.onesmallstep.com. When you check-out, indicate which Piedmont drop-off site is best for you (currently the closest location for Havens, PMS, MHS and PHS is the Fundraising Office, which is on the lower level of the Piedmont Community Center, at 711 Highland Ave). You will receive an e-mail from One Small Step letting you know when your order is ready for pick-up at that site.  Please note that any questions about your order should be directed to One Small Step, not to people at the drop-off sites – i.e., they can show you where the drop off box is, but please don’t ask them questions about your order.  We suggest calling the Fundraising Office to make sure they are open or not in a meeting before you go over: 653-1816).  If your order is over $75, One Small Step can make a free home delivery.  The 10% donation to Piedmont schools will be made automatically for all Piedmont addresses and/or orders requesting one of the Piedmont drop-off sites. (If you have friends and family out of the area who’d like to order from One Small Step and have 10% go to the Piedmont schools, they can enter “Piedmont schools” in their fundraising preference when they register.  They can have their order shipped using the normal shipping procedure.)

For more information: Margaret Ovenden movenden@sbcglobal.net

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