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Save Carbon/Save Money

Posted by Len Gilbert on August 25, 2010

Have you been thinking you’d like to reduce your personal and home energy use, but aren’t sure where to start?  Do you wonder how our individual actions can make a difference in addressing global energy challenges?  Come for an evening of answers and inspiration:

“Save Carbon/Save Money”

a talk by Dr. Daniel Kammen of U.C. Berkeley

(national expert on energy policy issues)

Followed by a Question & Answer session on local resources for residential energy efficiency, conservation, solar installations and green building/remodeling practices with:

StopWaste – Judi Ettlinger

City of Piedmont – Kevin Jackson


Thursday September 16th (note date change: previously scheduled for 15th)7:30 p.m.

Ellen Driscoll Playhouse, 325 Highland Ave

Co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Piedmont and Piedmont CONNECT

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