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Linda Beach Community Garden

Posted by Len Gilbert on September 1, 2010

This just in from the Beach Goes Green team…sounds like a great idea, but the picnic table area should be retained. There are so few tables in Piedmont parks. Why is that?


On the Park Commission’s agenda tonight is discussion of improving the Howard Street entrance to Linda Beach Field (near the bathrooms, where they had to take down those two large pines last year).  One idea being floated is a community garden.  The meeting is at 5:30 in City Council Chambers.

1. Discussion & Project Update by Park & Project Manager, Mark Feldkamp Regarding the Proposed Improvements for the Howard Entrance, Restroom Structure and Community Garden for Linda Beach Field/Park: A survey of the site will be available for viewing at the meeting. Currently the city is also looking at improving the ADA access to the Linda Beach Tot lot and is considering making this project a priority project for ADA grant funding depending on the cost estimates of the proposed improvements.

Greening Piedmont Schools website:

Beach Parents website:


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