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Third Annual Piedmont Goes Green Parent Party

Posted by movenden on October 5, 2010

If you had been thinking of getting a ticket for the Piedmont Goes Green parent party, but never got around to it, this is the LAST, LAST minute (the party is this Saturday).  We have just a few spots left.  Let me know a.s.a.p. if you’re interested. Aside from the fascinating presentations, we are going to have a great menu of organic, local and seasonal dishes.


DATE AND TIME: Saturday October 9, 2010.  6-9:30 PM

HOSTS: Carole Parker and Dan Reicher (at their home), Heather & Jeff Clapp, Shannon & Rob Bloemker. Andrea Ruiz-Esquide & Ignacio Barandarian, Teresa Drenick & John Creighton, Margaret Ovenden & Don Ashburn

TICKETS: $55 each ($110 for a couple).  Write checks to “APCP Tri-School Fundraiser.”



John White ( Piedmont Middle School teacher & parent) Moving towards a more localized, resilient and sustainable Piedmont . (John teaches the PMS “Green Team” class.)

Information Stations (guests rotate through these.  Total program = one hour.  All the rest of the time = party & dinner):

Dan Reicher (Wildwood parent). Knowledge is Less Power: How Google’s PowerMeter and other emerging technologies can help you target and reduce your household energy use. (Dan is Director of Climate Change & Energy Initiatives at Google.)

Terry Smith (Havens teacher) and Lisa Joyce (Beach parent). Edible Garden Planning Step by Step: Have you held back on starting or expanding your home vegetable garden because you feel like you don’t have enough expertise to plan it properly?  Hear some general principles for how to expand your garden in bits and pieces, as you have time. (Terry and Lisa are the masterminds behind the Havens and Beach school garden programs.)

Shannon Bloemker (Havens parent).  Home Remodeling for Sustainability: Being eco-friendly isn’t all there is to making your major or minor home remodel sustainable.  It’s about a balance between finances, social well-being, and the environment. Guidelines for thinking through your project to make your home greener and more sustainable, as well as the myths and realities of LEED certification. ( Shannon is getting her Master’s in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard, and is certified in LEED).

Bob Houser (Beach parent). The Dollars and Sense of Going Green: The hard numbers behind the pay-offs from investments in things like front-loading washers, new refrigerators, better cars, solar power.  How you can benefit the environment and your wallet at the same time. (Bob served on Piedmont ’s Environmental Taskforce and writes the “For Green’s Sake” column for the Post.)

ALSO FEATURING: Stella Kennedy (PMS Green Team teacher) with plants and information from the U.C. Botanical Garden Native Plant Nursery.


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