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Beach Restrooms, Parking, Use Restrictions

Posted by Len Gilbert on October 6, 2010

There is lots of planning activity for Linda St and the Beach playfield area. Council member Keating is soliciting input, as are various city department heads.


Linda Ave. traffic plan: A speed survey of Linda Avenue between the bridge and the new school crosswalk was conducted near the end of school last year.  Those results are being analyzed by the traffic consultant in consideration of shorterning some of the red zones to possibly add back some parking.  Red zones for the school crosswalk will not be changed however the red zones for the field crosswalk are being evaluated based on the speed survey.  Contact Chester Nakahara of the Public Works Department for more information.  cnakahara@ci.piedmont.ca.us.

PG&E Building: a proposal to tear down the PG&E Building and construct 7 townhomes on the site is working its way to the Planning Commission.   A preliminary proposal was presented last spring and an EIR of only the historic significance of the building is being conducted. The proposal is likely to come to the Planning Commission this spring.  Contact Kate Black of the Planning Department for more information. kblack@ci.piedmont.ca.us.

Linda Beach Restroom and Field Entry: the entry to the Linda Beach Playfield and the restroom are being proposed for renovation by city staff. Staff is considering moving the restroom to the blacktop area adjacent to the bridge. Staff is also considering a community garden on the blacktop area adjacent to the bridge.  Hearings on this proposal are scheduled for later this winter.  Contact Mark Fledkamp of the Public Works Department for more information.  mfeldkamp@ci.piedmont.ca.us.

Linda Beach Playfield Restriction: a public hearing on the implementation of the use restrictions for the playfield adopted last year by the City Council will be held at the Recreation Commission in October or November.  These restrictions regulate the size of weekend games on the field and other uses.  Contact Mark Delventhal of the Recreation Department for more information.  mdelventhal@ci.piedmont.ca.us.

Contact Garrett Keating, Piedmont City Council, if you have question about these or other city issues. 566-1481,  gkeating@ci.piedmont.ca.us

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