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Posted by Len Gilbert on February 8, 2012

Congratulations to the winners in yesterday’s election.

Sarah Pearson and Andrea Swenson are joining incumbent Rich Raushenbush on the school board. For council, incubment Margaret Fujioka’s strong vote total returns her to the table. Joining her appears to be Bob McBain who has a 51 vote lead over Tim Rood as of 10:34pm on Tuesday night.

In addition to congratulations, I would also like to extend thanks to Margaret Fujioka, Bob McBain, Tim Rood, Sarah Pearson, Jon Elliott, Andrea Swenson, and Sunny Bostrom for putting forth a lot of time, effort, and ideas to improve our town.

Final totals should be available at http://www.acgov.org/rov/current.htm at 4pm today.

For Piedmont election returns by district, see http://www.ci.piedmont.ca.us/election_results.php then click a district to see its results.

One Response to “Congratulations!”

  1. According to the County Registrar’s office, there are over 500 additional ballots being counted today that are not included in the unofficial returns posted last night. These include over 100 provisional ballots and over 400 mail ballots returned at the polls.

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