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Come one, come all…General Meeting of Piedmont Connect

Posted by Len Gilbert on October 14, 2012

This Wednesday October 17, 7-8:30 p.m. in the Havens Science Room (see directions, below)

A special focus will be on how community members can participate in the creation of Piedmont’s biking and pedestrian master plans (including a Safe Routes to School plan).  If you are interested in making Piedmont more bike- and pedestrian-friendly, we strongly encourage you to attend!  Other topics that Connect has been involved with include sustainable gardening and landscaping, home energy conservation, and reducing the amount of waste our schools and residences send to the landfill.  Connect subgroups working on those topics will have the opportunity to give brief updates, and we will discuss options for future educational events.

This is a great opportunity to become involved with Connect and to meet/reconnect with other like-minded, environmentally-conscious community members!  For more information send us an e-mail at piedmontconnect@gmail.org

Location: Havens Science Room, enter from the Vista Ave doors, on the 2nd floor (follow signs)

Time: 7 pm, Wednesday October 17, 2012

For more information: piedmontconnect@gmail.com

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