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Piedmont Connect Events

Posted by Len Gilbert on February 4, 2013

Coming up on the Piedmont Connect Events Calendar
Sunday March 17, 7:30 p.m.  “Adapting to a rising San Francisco Bay through healthy and restored wetlands – a regional response to global warming” A conversation with Sam Schuchat, Executive Director, California Coastal Conservancy.  Space is very limited, so please contact Judy Kelly at Judy.Kelly@waterboards.ca.gov  if you are interested in attending.
Wednesday April 24, 7:30 p.m. “Chemicals in Everyday Products:  What are they?  And what can you do to reduce your health risks?”  Tracey Woodruff,  Director of the Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment at UCSF will discuss the most effective approaches to preventing exposure to chemicals and metals that have the potential to harm our health, as well how public policy can impact environmental exposure.  For more information go to http://www.piedmontconnect.org/announcements.
Location: Beach School Auditorium, 100 Lake Ave.  Co-sponsored with The League of Women Voters Piedmont.
Date TBD“Overheated: The Human Cost of Climate Change” Andrew Guzman, Professor of Law at U.C. Berkeley, discussing his new book on the social consequences of climate change.  Co-sponsored with the Piedmont Community Church’s Piedmont Forum Series.
Volunteer Opportunities:
Volunteers needed to help Connect with a “Make Your Own Safe Household Cleaners” event, which will be offered as a follow-up to Tracey Woodruff’s April 24th talk on chemicals in everyday products, to give people a hands-on opportunity to start lowering their family’s exposure to potentially harmful chemicals in cleaning products.  Contact Terry Smith at terrysmith@pobox.com  if you’d like to help with this event.  Date TBD
Thursday, May 9 is 2013 Bike to Work Day.  Last year, Connect’s Green Transportation group organized a very successful “Energizer Station” to support cyclists on their way to work as they passed the Grand Lake Ace Hardware.  If you are interested in helping to organize or staff this year’s Piedmont Energizer Station, contact Scott Donahue at scott@rsdonahue.us .

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