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Students, teachers, and alumni join forces for CHIMEapalooza! 2014

Posted by Len Gilbert on February 11, 2014

Join friends and neighbors at a private home on Sunday, March 2, from 3:00 – 5:30 p.m.  for an afternoon of live entertainment by students, teachers, administrators, and professionals to help raise funds for performing
arts programs in Piedmont schools.
CHIMEapalooza! features performances by Piedmont High School alum and professional opera singer Jessica Hardy and current Piedmont High School students, including advanced dance student Julliette Lucas, singers Sophia Gotch and Talya Swenson, cellist Spencer Kim, and the high school jazz quartet featuring drummer Graham Dean, bassist Evan Hanke, guitarist
Xavi Prospero, and pianist Liam Schindler.
Also performing for the first time in Piedmont, the Groovelab Trio, featuring clinicians and after-school enrichment program teachers drummer Galen Grant and guitarist Mike Wynar with bassist Adam Lowdermilk, and the first-ever teacher band, a saxophone ensemble featuring Beach principal Julie
Valdez on tenor sax, Wildwood 4th grade teacher Martin Lewis on bari
sax, Wildwood para-educator Marta Krampitz-Dickson on alto sax, and
instrumental music teacher Andria Mullan on alto sax. Wildwood 5th
grade teacher Gabriel Kessler will join the group on piano. Surprise
guests on bass and drums.

Buy tickets to this event or contribute online at


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