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No on BB and CC: Piedmont Charter Changes Not Needed

Posted by Len Gilbert on October 31, 2018


It seems clear that both BB and CC, measures to change the Piedmont City charter are solutions looking for problems. Problems that don’t exist. At this time there is no compelling need to change the charter.


Vote No on BB
Vote No on CC

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California: Register to Vote

Posted by Len Gilbert on October 22, 2018

sealMonday, October 22nd is the last day to register online or have your registration postmarked to vote in November mid-terms.


General Election info


Election Dates and Resources


Alameda County

Additional info https://www.acvote.org/voting/register-to-vote

Get registered to have a say in our city council & school board, proposed city charter amendments, local and state measures, and state and federal candidates.



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