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RCPC Town Hall Meeting – Bicycling!

Posted by Len Gilbert on May 15, 2012

Come to the Rockridge Community Planning Council Meeting (RCPC) to learn more about bicycling improvements and ideas.


RCPC Town Hall Meeting

May 17, 7:30-9 p.m. –  Rockridge Branch Library –  5366 College Avenue at Manila


May RCPC Town Hall Meeting:

  • City Bicycling Improvements
  • Cycling Support Groups
  • Bicycle Maintenance

Tired of Driving Places You’d Rather Bicycle or Walk to?

Jason Patton, Oakland’s Bicycle & Pedestrian program manager, will describe new pedestrian and non-auto alternatives in Rockridge, including Alcatraz Avenue bike lanes and Alcatraz pedestrian crossings, the College Avenue bike sharrows*, BART station bike parking improvements ($100,000 from the City’s Fourth Bore settlement), proposed Keith Avenue bike lanes, the status of Broadway bike lanes, and Safe Routes to Schools grant improvements.

* A shared-lane marking, or sharrow, is a symbol placed in the center of a travel lane to indicate its shared use by bicycles and autos.

How Safe is Cycling, Anyway?

The East Bay Bicycle Coalition (EBBC) has answers.

The coalition works for safe, convenient and enjoyable bicycling for all people in the east bay. Dave Campbell, EBBC Program Director, will tell us about his organization’s riding and safety programs and provide some perspective on Rockridge bicycle improvements, those proposed and those possible.

Ready to Ride? Tune Up Your Bike for Safety and Comfort!

Local bike shop owner Richard Oesterius of Tip Top Bike Shop on Telegraph at 48th Street will discuss bike riding habits and bike maintenance. Find out how basic care and feeding of your machine can help make bicycling fun again.

A community supporter, Richard is donating 1% of Tip Top’s April sales to Claremont Middle School and 1% to Oakland Tech.


Read The Rockridge News May 2012 Issue Online:

Click to access RN05.12.pdf



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Fabulous Bike to Work Day!

Posted by Len Gilbert on May 10, 2012

Yes, the weather is fantastic again for BTWD. And this year was even better because Piedmont had it’s own Energizer Station at Grand Lake Ace. An Energizer Station is a small booth or table set up along the roadways of bicycle commuting routes that has food, goodies and neighbors to encourage cyclists on Bike to Work Day.

Bicyclists who stop at a stations get a free re-usable Bike to Work Day bag with useful bicycling information. Piedmont Connect organized it and Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Arizmendi, and Piedmont Grocery supplied coffee, pastries, and fruit.

Piedmont’s station got a visit from Mayor John Chiang and councilmember Garrett Keating, who were on their way downtown.

Later, I rode to Emeryville and stopped at the Xtracycle Energizer Station on West St and another on 65th and the Emeryville Greenway.


Keep biking!

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Bike-to-Work Day – Piedmont!

Posted by Len Gilbert on May 7, 2012

Piedmont is directly participating in Bike-to-Work Day (BTWD) this Thursday, May 10th. Below is information about the Piedmont city proclamation and some ways you can get involved. Ride that bike!

Piedmont’s Bike to Work Day –  Thursday May 10

(co-sponsored by Piedmont Connect and East Bay Bicycle Coalition)

Mayor Chiang has proclaimed May 10th Bike to Work Day in Piedmont.  Join him, other Piedmont City Council members, and elected officials from throughout the East Bay in biking (or walking, carpooling, or taking public transit) to work that day!  On your way, be sure to stop at Piedmont’s first-ever  Bike to Work Day energizer station, hosted by Connect from 6-9 a.m. in the parking lot of Grand Lake Ace Hardware (1221 Grand  Avenue,  Piedmont).   Not only will this give us a chance to count how many Piedmonters are biking to work, we will also have refreshments, free canvas tote bags filled with bike-related swag, as well as words of encouragement for all.  You can also enter a raffle for a free bike!

After you stop at our Energizer Station, you may want to join the “pedal pool” which will be leaving from the Grand Lake Theater at 7:55 a.m., arriving at Frank Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland in time for a pancake breakfast open to all bikers.  This is a regional (and national) event, so there will be other energizer stations at various locations throughout the East Bay.

If you are interested in forming or joining a team for the Team Bike Challenge, go to http://www.ebbc.org/tbc.

For more info about the Piedmont Energizer Station, contact Scott Donahue of Connect’s Bicycling and Alternative Transportation Group at scott@rsdonahue.us.

For general info about Bike to Work in the East Bay, go to http://www.ebbc.org/?q=btwd .  We hope you will join in the fun!

How to bike or walk with Piedmont elected officials this day:

7:15 a. m. Mayor John Chiang will leave from City Hall (120 Vista) and Councilmember Garrett Keating will leave from the bottom of Dracena Park (at Ricardo), both heading to the Energizer Station at Ace Hardware (1221 Grand).

7:30 a.m. Vice Mayor Margaret Fujioka will arrive on foot at the Energizer Station at Ace Hardware. Mayor Chiang and Councilmember Keating will arrive by bike at around the same time.

7:45 a.m. Mayor Chiang and Councilmember Keating will leave  Ace Hardware, heading to the Grand Lake Theater (3200 Grand), where they will join a “pedal pool” of Oakland elected officials and other bikers.  Vice Mayor Fujioka will begin her walk to Oakland City Hall.

7:55 a.m. Pedal pool leaves Grand Lake Theater, heading to pancake breakfast at Frank Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland.


–          Help staff the Energizer Station at Ace Hardware on Bike to Work Day (May 10th).  Shifts are 6-7 a.m., 7-8 a.m., and 8-9 a.m.  To sign up contact Scott at scott@rsdonahue.us

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Bike to Work Day – Thursday May 13th

Posted by Len Gilbert on May 12, 2010

Bike to Work Day 2010

Are you biking to work on Thursday, May 13th?

You should give it at try. Why?

  • The weather looks great for tomorrow with a high of 73 degrees.
  • There will be lots of other riders out. The more riders, the safer the ride.
  • There are a bunch of “Energizer Stations” along most commute routes with things like coffee, juice, pastries, free stuff, and BTWD canvas bags with more goodies. All free.

For more info, see the Bike to Work Day site at http://www.youcanbikethere.com/

Even if you can’t ride on Thursday, consider riding when it makes sense for you. Every day you ride you help yourself by getting more exercise and reducing stress. Not to mention reducing traffic and pollution. If you can’t ride to work, try it for errands. Both the Grand Lake and Temescal farmers markets, Grand Lake Ace, Mulberrys, Piedmont Grocery, two Peets, and several other cafes and restaurants are an easy bike ride from many parts of town.

If you’re riding to Emeryville, look for me on my green Raleigh One Way single speed.

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Bike-to-Work Update

Posted by Len Gilbert on May 26, 2009

Click to learn more about commuting by bicycle.

Click to learn more about commuting by bicycle.

So, it’s Bike Month and Bike-to-Work day was almost two weeks ago. We’re still riding in. So far this month I have a 4 for 5 and two 5 for 5 weeks. Four other coworkers are committed to riding as part of the Team Bike Challenge. We also have a couple of other coworkers who occasionally ride or at least ride at lunch instead of taking the car.

How many of you participated in BTWD? How did it go? Did you stop at an Energizer Station? Congrats to Dale, who rode in a couple of days that week. Readers, please leave a comment if you participated.

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