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Underground District Debate

Posted by Len Gilbert on December 8, 2009

“Such an extraordinary, such an unpleasant, such a difficult recommendation. The recommendation is mine and I am responsible for it.”

—City Administrator Grote addressing the council.

You can watch the replay on KCOM at http://piedmont.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=3&clip_id=300 Then click on the item 7 link.

Why does the city insist on subsidizing improved street views for 144 upper Piedmont households at the expense and jeopardy of our general fund? Hear City Administrator Geoff Grote explain how we got into this mess. His proposal is that we bail out these select residents and the Piedmont Hills Undergrounding District (PHUD).

If  “safety” is the primary concern, then Grand, Highland, and Oakland Avenues should be undergrounded. Those are primary routes through town for public safety vehicles such as fire and ambulance. Yet, the call is to instead spend the money in a pocket of town where there are no schools, markets, transportation arteries…you decide how much “safety” played into the decision to underground utilities for the 144.

My reaction is to again loudly say NO. This project should never have been approved and it should immediately be stopped.

Make your opinion heard before the council decides on this very important issue.

Abe Friedman, Mayor afriedman@ci.piedmont.ca.us (510) 654-0409 Term Exp. 3/10
Dean Barbieri, Vice Mayor dbarbieri@ci.piedmont.ca.us (510) 655-6802 Term Exp. 3/12
John Chiang jchiang@ci.piedmont.ca.us (510) 655-2959 Term Exp. 3/10
Garrett Keating gkeating@ci.piedmont.ca.us (510) 566-1481 Term Exp. 3/10
Margaret Fujioka mfujioka@ci.piedmont.ca.us (510) 463-7821 Term Exp. 3/12

Let the council know today.

Len Gilbert

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