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Emeryville, Well, what do you know?

Posted by Len Gilbert on January 11, 2009

How much do you know about the proposed Emery-Piedmont campus? One great way to learn more is to visit the site for a tour either Saturday, January 17th 10-12 or Saturday January 24th 10-12.

You may not realize how many of your Piedmont neighbors work in Emeryville. Novartis, Leap Frog, Jamba Juice, Kodak Gallery (formerly Ofoto), Peets Coffee & Tea, and Peaberry’s Coffee and Tea all have corporate offices in Emeryville. Peets and Jamba also have retail outlets as well. And then there is Pixar. I think they make movies…you may have heard of them.

For the foodie, there is Trader Joe’s, Arizmendi Bakery, Townhouse Bar & Grill, Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe (2008’s Best East Bay Diner) and Charles Chocolates (5 blocks from the Emery school site! THAT could be a problem for me.). I usually go to the Peets in the Public Market, but if Peets is not your cup o’joe, there is a Starbucks about 4 blocks from the campus. Your child may already be familiar with Head over Heals Gymnastics, and they will surely love the new Doyle-Hollis park going in about 1 block from the school. Aquatic park is also just a few blocks away.

Shoppers have Bay Street or Ikea for a little retail therapy, and if the big stores are not your thing, Berkeley’s 4th Street is 5 minutes away. Also nearby is the Berkeley’s Farmers Market (Tuesdays, 2-6 Derby@MLK).



Let me know if you  have other cool Emeryville tips.

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Piedmont School Board Meeting – Measure E Portables

Posted by Len Gilbert on December 10, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 – 7:00 pm City Hall Council Chambers

Tonight the PSUD school board is meeting to discuss the Measure E interim housing issue. This discussion continues the topic from the joint school board and city council meeting last week. (Watch the meeting online or read the meeting minutes).

Last week there were many options that had been discussed, but at the joint meeting it has become clear that the neighborhoods, the school communities, and the sports groups all favor Blair park.

With so many of Piedmont’s youth in sports programs, it’s pretty likely you received an email recently from either Eric Havian, president of the Piedmont Soccer Club or Glyn Burge, president of the Piedmont Baseball Foundation. Both are extremely well thought out and make the case for Blair Park as the best location for the portables, for the short term, and more importantly, long term improvement to Piedmont’s parks and recreation facilities. The Blair Park site also reduces the “sunk costs” that can eat into Measure E funds. Money that could be put to use repairing buildings instead of removing temporary plumbing and electrical from a portable site. With Blair Park, much of the infrastructure will be used in the sports field project.

I encourage you to participate by attending tonight’s meeting or sending an email to input@pusdbond.org


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Revisiting “Fair and Equitable”

Posted by Len Gilbert on November 30, 2008

piedmont-measure-e-portablesI’ve had some positive comments on my post about a fair and equitable solution for placement of portables during Measure E construction. Overall, I think the Piedmont community agrees that we need to do what’s best for the educational needs of our children.  And not just “our children” (my own children) but “Our Children” being all the kids of Piedmont.

It’s hard to decide what is the best solution, when clearly each of the solutions has problems and affects someone or some group that another plan might not impact as greatly. However, we must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each proposal with the goal of giving our children the best educational experience possible, even during construction.

In my mind, I’ve narrowed the decision down to a few key factors.

  • What is best for the educational needs of the children?
  • Which option is the most cost-effective? (let’s spend the money on school repair and improvements, not portables). Remember to consider the costs for restoring to it’s current state the site when construction is complete.
  • Which option is least disruptive to the entire community and individual neighborhoods? Of special consideration here are programs and facilities outside the scope of school-aged children. Recreation dept programs, schoolmates, tot lots and preschool facilities, etc.
  • Which location provides walkable options? A walkable location can encourage families who currently use the car to start walking to school. Some options may contribute to congestion or inconvenience, but congestion issues are different that children’s safety issues. If we alter traffic, adding to already busy traffic areas, safety becomes a consideration.
  • Which option can be implemented in time for students to “move in” for Fall 2009 classes? PUSD properties seem to offer the fastest options for setup of the portables.

The joint Piedmont city council/Piedmont Unified School District board meeting is Monday, December 1st, 7:00pm at City Council Chambers, 120 Vista Avenue.


Please leave a comment on this issue.

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