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Vote Tuesday on Measures B & E

Posted by Len Gilbert on May 31, 2009

BE-for-piedmontI believe that Measures B & E are good for Piedmont, both for the schools and for the community. I know that there is opposition to both measures, but overall, as you drive through town, you’ll see an abundance of Yes on B & E signs. Piedmonters are proud of their community and the schools are a big part of what makes Piedmont a great place to live.

No one moved to Piedmont because of the low property taxes. People move here for the small town community, the police and fire services, and most of all, for the excellent public schools.

It’s clear to me that the state government will take what it can from cities, counties, schools, and health services to cover budgetary shortcomings. The parcel tax is money that stays in Piedmont no matter what the legislature does. It goes directly to Piedmont schools.

Whatever your position, take the time to vote on Tuesday. The community’s decision on that day will affect you as a homeowner and resident whether you have children in the school or not. You should be part of that decision. I hope you’ll join me in supporting B&E.


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B & E in Brief

Posted by Len Gilbert on May 11, 2009

The ballots are here – Vote YES by mail today!

Why vote YES on both B & E?

Measure B

  • California underfunds schools – we rank 46th in the nation on spending per pupil.
  • Piedmont’s response for the last 24 years has been to invest locally controlled funds from a School parcel Tax that gets has been renewed every four since 1985.
  • Measure B is a consolidation and simple renewal of existing taxes – Measure B will NOT increase your taxes

Measure E

  • Due the current California State budget crisis school funding has been cut even more.
  • These cuts will &ct the classroom.
  • Measure E is a temporary (3 year) measure designed to only partially offset the latest cuts.
  • Measure E will add less than $20/month to the average household’s tax bill.

Did you realize that even if B & E pass, there will be cuts?

Assuming that B&E pass and the State budget situation does not worsen, the equivalent of 55 full
time teachers and 5 full time support staff will be eliminated by:

  • Increasing class sizes in grades 6-12
  • cutting back on administrative staff services
  • Reducing counseling time
  • Reducing classroom aides and occupational therapist time
  • Cutting back on ground services and facilities maintenance

If Measure E doesn’t pass, cuts will be more drastic

In addition to the above cutbacks, the equivalent of 3.5 full time teachers and 6 MI time support
staff members will also be eliminated by reduction of:

  • Classroom aides in Grades K-3
  • Library services and library assistants and for K-12
  • K-12 counseling services
  • Positions such as high school department chairs, activities coaches, music accompanists
  • PMS/PHS administrative support
  • Custodial staff K-12

The Challenge

  1. Approve Measures B & E by the required 2/3 majority of voters [66.7%), when nearly 70% of Piedmonters don’t have kids in school.

Concerned? What you can do!

  1. Get Out the vote -yours, every voter in your family and your neighbors -for both B & E in the June 2 election
    • Help combat the low expected turnout for single issue June 2 B&E election
    • Last day to register to vote May 18


  2. Vote by mail TODAY! Ballots arrived this week
    • If you vote by mail, your ballot anived this week Send it in ASAP!
    • Otherwise, request an absentee ballot ASAP
    • Last day to register for absentee ballot is May 26
  3. Register as an Endorser
  4. Register for a Yes on B & E Lawn Sign

Want more info or to help?

Visit our website at www.YESonBandE.org

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Piedmont Makes SFGate Again!

Posted by Len Gilbert on March 16, 2009

The folks across the bay just can’t get enough news about our little town. Today’s SFGate has an article “Piedmont: Holding Steady as Storms Rage“. The general theme is that our home prices are holding steady thanks to our great schools and public services.

And on the same day I got this email regarding a Parcel Tax kick-off meeting:

Now that the two complimentary  Parcel Tax measures have been approved by the School Board and submitted for  the June 2nd ballot, the Steering Committee is recruiting  volunteers to build support and coordinate a Get  Out the Vote effort in all Piedmont neighborhoods. There are many ways  to be  involved, every little bit helps a lot, and we would love you to join our  efforts!

Please come to the Parcel  Tax Volunteer Kick-Off Meeting on Wednesday, March  18th from  7-9 p.m.

We will enjoy wine, coffee, and  desserts, and then our local campaign expert, Larry Tramutola,  will explain campaign strategy. It should be a fun and productive  evening. Everyone who would like to help is welcome at the meeting — please  tell your friends and neighbors! (rsvp helpful but not  necessary)

For more information, please contact the Parcel Tax Co-Chairs:
Terry London 428-0144 terry@wfl.net
Sarah Pearson 658-0888  srpear@gmail.com

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Parcel Tax Community Meeting

Posted by Len Gilbert on February 7, 2009

Reminder: The first of the Parcel Tax meetings is  Saturday morning, and the next is on Monday evening.

For more info, see our post on the Parcel Tax Community Meetings for more details.

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Community Meetings on Parcel Tax Renewal to be Held February 7th & 9th

Posted by Len Gilbert on January 20, 2009


On June 2 Piedmont will be voting to renew and possibly increase the existing parcel tax measures that fund more than 25% of the Piedmont Unified School District’s annual budget.   As part of the process to determine the specifics of the measure that will be put before the voters, an advisory committee to the School Board is gathering public input.   On Saturday February 7th and Monday February 9th the committee will be holding two community meetings to explain the current state of local public education funding – including the role of the parcel tax – and to elicit input from citizens on the size and scope of the tax that will be on the June 2 ballot.  (The meetings will cover identical information; the committee is holding two sessions because it recognizes that not all citizens can easily attend a weekend morning or weekday evening event).

The two meetings will be held:

Saturday February 7th

9:00 am to 11:00 am

Veterans Memorial Hall

401 Highland Avenue

Monday February 9th

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Beach School Auditorium

100 Lake Avenue

The parcel tax helps fill the large – and growing – financial gap between what the state provides and what the PUSD spends each year to maintain the extraordinarily high quality of public education in our town.  It supports more than 60 teaching and classroom aide positions throughout the district.  It allows our schools to maintain smaller class sizes, offer advanced elective and AP classes, upgrade technology resources, and provide funding for the library and counseling and foreign language and science and art and music and athletic programs that our students would not otherwise have.   The parcel tax is, in short, critical to one of Piedmont’s defining civic attributes: a deep commitment to excellent public schools.

The current state of California’s budget and recent decisions made in Sacramento have further intensified fiscal pressure on all local school districts, including the PUSD, making the upcoming vote on Piedmont’s parcel tax especially important.   We strongly encourage all city residents to attend the community meetings and make their opinions heard.

For more information about the parcel tax advisory committee or the meetings scheduled for February 7th and 9th, please contact Terry London 428-0144  terry@wfl.net or  Sarah Pearson 658-0888  srpear@gmail.com.

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